Patrol Division

Request for Service

To request a police service call such as a 'Dark House' check or to schedule any other non-emergent service call for a future date, please call the Patrol Division Office during normal business hours at 914-665-3375

The Patrol Division provides 24-hour general police services. The Division consists of a number of Patrol Squads, the Emergency Service Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit,  K-9 Unit and the Operations Section. 

The following Units are assigned to the Patrol Division:

Patrol Squads

Patrol Squads consists of Civilian Communications Specialists, Police Officers and Sergeants who function as Patrol Supervisors. Each squad is Commanded by a Lieutenant. The squads provide around the clock general police services acting as first responders on all calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency and enforcing all applicable laws.

Emergency Service Unit

The Emergency Service Unit is a full time unit providing specialized police services 24/7. Members of the Emergency Service Unit are highly trained in specialized weapons as well as rescue techniques. The Unit supplements the Patrol Squads providing specialized services. Some of the functions that the Unit performs are extrications at motor vehicle accident scenes, dealing with emotionally disturbed persons, searches for armed perpetrators and High Risk Search Warrant entries.

Traffic UnitPatrol Motorcycle

The Traffic Unit provides both proactive and educational enforcement of Vehicle and Traffic laws. The members of the unit also perform inspections of all City licensed taxi cabs, enforce State and Federal commercial vehicle statutes and work with the Department of Environmental to ensure that auto repair shops are in compliance of with environmental regulations.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit consists of Police Officers and their K-9 partners. The K-9 teams are each trained in missing person searches, suspect searches, search and recovery missions, narcotics detection and support the daily activities of the Patrol Squads.

Operations Section

The Operations Section performs all administrative functions of the Division including scheduling, formulating operational plans for events that require a police presence and directing police services to areas on an as needed basis.