Support Services Division

The Support Services Division, which is located on the first floor of the Mayor Ronald Blackwood Police/Court Facility, enhances the delivery of police services to the community by supplementing the patrol and investigative functions. It is comprised of various support units, its service window is easily accessible to the public from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Impound / Vehicle Releases

First and foremost, the person that responds to the window for a vehicle release must be the vehicle's registered owner. Photo identification and a copy of the title and/or registration is also needed at the time of release.

All vehicles that have been impounded for a criminal investigation will need a 'Westchester County District Attorney's Vehicle Release’ form, which is available from the District Attorney's Office. The telephone number for the District Attorney's Office is 914-813-5025. After the release form is obtained, the form can be brought to the Support Services Division's window on the main floor of the Police Station during normal business hours, Monday to Friday.

There is a $25.00 CASH administrative fee that must be paid.

Any vehicle that is not legally registered and insured MUST be towed from the Impound Yard.


Some criminal police reports may not be releasable if there is a criminal prosecution that is ongoing. A FOIL request may be necessary for these reports. All other non-accident Police Reports will only be released via an 'in person' request at this time (accident reports can be downloaded via the link below). 

The Support Services Division's service window is open from 8:30 am until 4 pm Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

For reports that have a named suspect, a FOIL request must be submitted to the City of Mount Vernon's Law Department, which is located in City Hall. The Law Department's telephone number is 914-665-2366. The FOIL request form is below.

Download the FOIL request here

Link to Accident Report request website

Seized Property Releases

Call the Support Services Division for further information in regard to seized property releases. The telephone number is 914-665-2503.

The following units are assigned to the Support Services Division:

Discovery Unit

The State's criminal justice reforms of 2019 and 2020 included the tasking of uploading and making available all materials pertinent to a criminal case within 15 days. The Discovery Unit acts as the liaison between the Police Department and the District Attorney's Office in this regard. 

Jail Unit

Responsible to the custody of those arrested and awaiting arraignment or hearings within the Mount Vernon City Court.

School Crossing Guards

Supervision of the School Crossing Guards assigned to do school crossings.

Fleet Maintenance

The Unit responsible for maintaining vehicles assigned to the Police Department and its various units.

Auxiliary Police Officers

Members of the Community that volunteer their time to provide much needed police support functions. More information on the Auxiliary Police Program will be posted soon.

Parking Bureau


Animal Shelter