Handicapped Parking Permit

Who is eligible for a handicapped parking permit?

  • You may be eligible for a handicapped parking permit to be issued to you by the Mount Vernon Police Department if you are a Mount Vernon resident(residency will be checked through a form of government identification or a utility bill) who has one or more severe disabilities that impair your mobility. Some, but not all of the disabilities that are covered are:
    • any disability that requires portable oxygen
    • legally blind
    • limited or no use of one or both legs
    • unable to walk 200 feet without stopping
    • a neuromuscular disfunction that limits mobility
    • some heart conditions
    • some arthritic, neurological or orthopedic conditions
    • some lung diseases

amongst others. For a full list of qualifying disabilities, please see 'Part 2' of the NYS DMV MV-664.1 form linked below.

  • A handicapped parking permit may be issued for either a temporary or permanent disability.
  • The parking permit is issued in the name of the person with the disability, who does NOT have to be the driver or the registered owner of the vehicle. These parking permits may also be issued to children of any age with a qualifying disability.

The application form (MV-661.4)

  • The form must be submitted to the Mount Vernon Police Department, not to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. Though the form is a NYS DMV form, the DMV does not issue handicapped parking permits.
  • You must use your physical address for the form, we cannot accept a form with a post office box on it.
  • Complete 'Part 1' of the form, then give the form to your medical provider for completion of 'Part 2'. Amongst the list of authorized medical providers that may complete the form are MDs, DOs, DPMs, PAs, NPs and Optometrists (ODs). Registered Nurses are not authorized to be the medical provider completing this section.
  • We will only accept a completely filled out form. A prescription pad from a qualifying medical professional cannot be accepted, the medical provider must completely fill out 'Part 2' of the form.
  • The original application must be submitted to the Mount Vernon Police Department's Support Services Division window, located at 2 Roosevelt Square North, Mount Vernon, NY 1050. We do not accept faxed applications
  • Allow up to 15 days for processing.

What happens after I receive the parking permit?

  • The permit may be used to park in reserved parking spaces (denoted by a signed stating 'Handicapped Parking Only', often with blue painted lines on the ground), ONLY WHEN THE PERSON WITH THE DISABILITY IS DRIVING OR RIDING IN THE VEHICLE. People who are not disabled cannot use the parking permit if the disabled person whose name is on the parking permit application is not within the vehicle. Anyone parking in a handicapped parking space illegally is in violation of NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law 1203-c(4) and may be fined. 
  • Abuse or misuse of a parking permit may be grounds for its revocation.
  • The permit should be hung from the rear-view mirror when the vehicle is parked, however it should be removed from the mirror when driving as it may partially obstruct the windshield.
  • The permit is valid anywhere in New York State when parking is reserved for persons with disabilities. The permit, however, does not exempt or allow for disregarding of any state or local parking regulations or fees. The permits, while issued in New York State, may be honored in other states, however please check with the state being travelled to to ensure a New York State parking permit is accepted. 

The link to the application is below

NYS DMV Handicapped Permit application (External Link to DMV)

Handicapped Parking Spaces