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City of Mount Vernon's Community Camera Registration Form

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  2. The City of Mount Vernon's Community Camera Registration Program

    The City of Mount Vernon is dedicated to helping to keeping our entire community safe. To that end, we ask that the community allow us to use the cameras that they use to keep their individual house or business safe to help keep the entire community safe.

    Many people that use cameras don't realize that their surveillance cameras may have actually captured a criminal act or person that may have committed a crime.  Additionally, the Mount Vernon Police Department currently does not have a list of available cameras for a particular block or area and has to literally walk down each block after every event or incident to see if there are cameras available.

    Our hope is to build a map of available cameras so that we know which cameras will be available after an event and know where these cameras cover. This can lead to a faster, and hopefully, more enhanced criminal investigation. 

    Working together, lets map out a Safer Mount Vernon

    There is NO COST to anyone registering a camera. This program is completely voluntary and you can withdraw from it at any time by emailing .

    You will only be contacted if there is a crime that occurred in which your camera could have potentially captured part of the event.

    The Mount Vernon Police Department will never have direct access to your cameras. The point of this program is to only have the Police Department contact you and then ask you to provide us with a copy of your available footage.

    Even if you are registered in this program, you are under no obligation to provide us with the video.

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  6. Please put in the address in the following format: 

    XXX (number) 

    Direction (please please just put N/S/E/W)

    Put just the number for numbered streets and completely spell out all other street names

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  7. Acknowledgement

    If necessary, the City of Mount Vernon will contact you directly to request the appropriate video surveillance footage. Any and all video surveillance footage shall remain the property of the registrant until it is requested by the City of Mount Vernon and collected from the registrant by the Mount Vernon Police Department. 

    By joining the Community Camera Program the registrants agree to the following Terms and Conditions: 

    (1) Any video footage collected by the City of Mount Vernon relating to criminal activity may be used in the investigation and as evidence during any stage of the criminal proceeding. 

    (2) Video footage provided to the City of Mount Vernon  is reserved for official use only. 

    (3) Under no circumstance shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Mount Vernon through the program. 

    (4) When necessary, the City of Mount Vernon will contact you directly using the information you have provided to obtain surveillance footage.

    (5) You agree not to release any video footage or still images to the media without consulting with the City of Mount Vernon.

    You are not required to share footage with the City of Mount Vernon. However, if you do share footage, it is subject to these terms and conditions. Clicking submit indicates that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

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