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Police Department Request for Service

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  2. Request for Police Services

    To better serve our community, we ask that you utilize this 'online request' system for some of our most requested police service calls, such as 'Dark House checks', special attention requests or long term quality of life issues that need to be addressed. 

    Note: this is not for and never should be used to request emergency or even non-emergent 'same hour' response. 

    For all emergencies, call 911 or 914-665-2500. For 'same hour' responses, call 914-665-2500. 

    If you do not receive a telephone or email response within 4 days, please call us at 914-665-2500.

    You CANNOT use this form to report anything that a report has to generated for. You must call 914-665-2500 in that circumstance.

  3. Please place the requested date of service (if pertinent) or today's date if this is a chronic condition.

  4. Please only complete this if the request has an end date, otherwise leave blank.

  5. Leave blank if the location of service is an exact address

  6. Please place the name and phone number of an emergency contact here, if pertinent

  7. Please place a description of what needs to be addressed, if pertinent. Color and type of vehicle is helpful. 

  8. Please place the additional information needed to respond to your request here.

  9. If photos or other pertinent media is available, please upload it here.

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